Doctor Raina,

I was detected with Prostate tumour in 2016. Dr Raina being family friends of my daughter in law's best friend we just consulted him and got my prostate tumour removed. My surgery went off very well. I was back in my routine. But after the catheter was removed, I developed Urinary Incontinence post-surgery. I was 73 yrs old at the time of the surgery and doctor had informed us about this situation occurrence may happen.

This reduced my quality of life and left me feeling stressed, having to use 5 diapers a day and suffer the social difficulties. my self-confidence and self-esteem started reducing.

I used to always complain about this problem whenever I met Dr Raina. After almost a year and a half, Dr Raina suggested me for the ATOMS procedure. I was also open for it as I also wanted to get rid of my problem of leakage. My surgery was carried out on Wednesday and I was discharged after spending one night in the hospital on Thursday evening. I did have some post-operative discomfort which subsided with some oral medications.

I consulted Dr Raina almost 2 months after my surgery and he adjusted the ATOMS slightly in the Minor OT with a local anaesthesia without any pain and very comfortably.

I had come down from 5 diapers a day to 3 diapers and after the adjustment it became 2 diapers a day. I was been called by the doctor after 2 months for a little adjustment the same way as it was done earlier. 

After the second adjustment I have come down to 1 diaper a day. Though it has not gone completely but I am very satisfied at this moment and have mental peace. I have come back in my routine and I am glad I took a right decision and tried this ATOMS. I from the bottom of my heart Thank my Surgeon and the ATOMS for making my life better.


Patient SCK