Dr Harvinder Singh Chauhan and Dr Yashdeep Rustagi,

Having had my prostate removed I developed Urinary Incontinence approximately two year after surgery. This reduced my quality of life and left me feeling distressed having to use penile Clamps with Pad and suffer the social difficulties that reduced my self-esteem and confidence.

After a consultation with Dr Harvinder Chauhan and Dr Yashdeep Rustagi consultant urologists, I was offered a surgical procedure to have an ATOMS fitted. My surgery was carried out on 17th December and I was discharged 20th December. I did have some post-operative discomfort which subsided with some oral medication.

It is now three months since I had my ATOMS fitted and I have returned to normal physiological urination and I am now completely dry and for safety using one pad, The ATOMS has significantly increased my quality of life and I am now free of all the pre-operative social and private complications.

I remain extremely grateful to my surgeon and the ATOMS for returning to me my quality of life.